Guidelines for the support of scientific projects

  1. Supported projects
    The Swiss Anorexia Nervosa Foundation supports scientific research projects in Switzerland and abroad for the prevention, pathogenesis and therapy of anorexic and bulimic eating disorders and other associated compulsive neuroses.

  2. Types of support
    The foundation grants funds to research projects carried out by recognized institutions working in the field of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. It also gives research fellowships to scientists who plan to carry out scientific research on these two disorders at a specialized centre.

  3. Applications
    Applications for the support of projects or research grants must be submitted using the form that can be downloaded from the foundation’s website ( The applications should be written in English with three hard copies of the application and all supporting materials posted to the foundation’s secretariat. In addition, an electronic copy of the application and all enclosures should be sent by e-mail.

    The recommended deadlines for submission are 1 April and 1 October.

  4. Decisions on applications
    The applications are assessed by the foundation board with the input of independent experts where necessary.

    The foundation gives precedence to projects that run for six months to three years and require a grant between CHF 10,000 and CHF 150,000.

    The foundation is under no obligation to explain its decisions regarding individual applications.

  5. Final report
    A final report comprising approximately 1,200 words (as an electronic document in English) must be sent to the foundation’s secretariat immediately upon conclusion of the research project supported by the foundation. A copy of all publications related to the sponsored project must be submitted immediately upon publication.

    The foundation can also request interim progress reports.

  6. Publications
    The foundation’s support must be explicitly acknowledged in all publications related to the project sponsored by the foundation. The foundation does not impose any restrictions on the publication of the project results. Publications do not take the place of the final report.

  7. Intellectual property rights
    The applicant and recipient of a grant is responsible for clarifying the rights of authors and inventors in regard to the results of the research project as well as the relationship to third parties. The foundation must be informed of the results of this investigation.

  8. Use of grants
    Grants allocated to a specific project and/or applicant and/or recipient may only be used for another project, applicant and/or recipient with the written consent of the foundation.

    The foundation reserves the right to reclaim all funds that are or were used for any purposes other than that for which they were given. The same applies if the agreed conditions are not met or if the application contained false information.

  9. Extended Abstract for Website after completion of the project
    After completion of the project, we ask you to provide a structured extended abstract (approx. 1500 words: Introduction-Objectives-Methods-Results-Conclusions) for publication on our website. We would be delighted, if you could write such an abstract in a style which can be understood by educated laypeople.

July 2016

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